Why TheaTheos?

The depth and beauty of God’s Word is an amazing gift that God has given us.


It is the greatest of literature, where God speaks to us through a wealth of genres, whether it be narrative, poetry, proverb, letter or something else.

             How often do we allow ourselves to be washed over by that Word through experiencing large excerpts or entire books all at one time in one sitting? When we read from the gospels or one of Paul’s epistles, are we doing this thinking about the fact that original audiences heard and reflected on the entire work all at once?

             Through the memorized presentation of Scripture, we give the believer and nonbeliever the chance to hear and experience God’s Word in a fresh way. Large sections are received and reflected on together as a community. The beauty and structure of the Bible comes alive in a way that’s new to the hearer, but not too dissimilar from the way early Christians heard it. The power of the Word reveals itself in a unique way to both lifelong Christians as well as those who might be hearing the gospel for the first time.

             By presenting Scripture in this way, we spark discussion. When we hear Scripture, it must be processed and the primary way to do that is in community. Questions must be addressed. What does this mean? Who is this Jesus? What is grace? How can I have a real relationship with God? How can a holy God love us this much? The desire of TheaTheos is to present Scripture in environments where subsequent discussion will lead and point people to Christ.