The Mission:

To be a tool of outreach and teaching through bringing memorized presentations of God’s Word to any who want to hear it


Our desire is to bring what we do to everyone: the Christian, the skeptic, the agnostic, the atheist, and the devout follower of another religion. This means bringing these presentations everywhere, not just churches, schools, and campus ministries, but also theatres, parks, breweries, coffee shops, and anywhere else outside-the-box. Basically, we want to be anywhere where we can promote safe and thoughtful discussion centered on God and His Word. That's why we are support based, so money is never an obstacle for a potential venue. In our divisive culture, art is a gift God has given us that bridges gaps, opens doors, and challenges us, and that's what we want TheaTheos to do.


Why TheaTheos?

The depth and beauty of God’s Word is an amazing gift that God has given us.


It is the greatest of literature, where God speaks to us through a wealth of genres, whether it be narrative, poetry, proverb, letter or something else.

             How often do we allow ourselves to be washed over by that Word through experiencing large excerpts or entire books all at one time in one sitting? When we read from the gospels or one of Paul’s epistles, are we doing this thinking about the fact that original audiences heard and reflected on the entire work all at once?

             Through the memorized presentation of Scripture, we give the believer and nonbeliever the chance to hear and experience God’s Word in a fresh way. Large sections are received and reflected on together as a community. The beauty and structure of the Bible comes alive in a way that’s new to the hearer, but not too dissimilar from the way early Christians heard it. The power of the Word reveals itself in a unique way to both lifelong Christians as well as those who might be hearing the gospel for the first time.

             By presenting Scripture in this way, we spark discussion. When we hear Scripture, it must be processed and the primary way to do that is in community. Questions must be addressed. What does this mean? Who is this Jesus? What is grace? How can I have a real relationship with God? How can a holy God love us this much? The desire of TheaTheos is to present Scripture in environments where subsequent discussion will lead and point people to Christ.



What's in a Name?


TheaTheos is not a word we hear thrown around in English, so where does it come from? The answer is both somewhere and nowhere. In the somewhere sense, it is derived from two Greek words:

  • θεα (thea) - this is a shortening of θεατρο (theatro), the Greek word where we derive the English word "theatre"
  • θεος (theos) - this is the Greek word for "God"

In the nowhere sense, it is a made-up mashup of these two words (θεαθεος). The name is not meant to be directly translated as "Theatre of God," but is meant to express our desire to honor God and minister to others through the gift of dramatic presentation that He has given us. 


Here are some quotes from past events:

"Mr. Archer's performance is captivating. The audience is taken on a beautifully paced ride through what may be familiar material albeit presented with passion, humor, reverence, and integrity."

- Robert Egizio, Artistic Director, Stage Door Players - Dunwoody, GA

“The power of the Word came alive for me in a unique and challenging way when Drew Archer masterfully presented the Book of Galatians to our high school students in a chapel and to a luncheon for Atlanta Christian school leaders.  Drew’s passionate love of Scripture, added to his dramatic abilities, allowed me to feel as if I were present when the heart of Paul was revealed to his beloved but erring church in Galatia.  Drew’s commitment to memorizing this sacred text, and his ability to present it in such a way that denies one’s inclination to reduce Holy Scripture to out-of-context applications, left me wanting more of the Gospel.  It is obvious that Drew has taken to heart the words from Psalms 119:11:  “I have hidden your word in my heart . . .” and, as a result, he is impacting others with the pure and powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

- Dr. David Tilley, Headmaster, Mount Paran Christian School - Kennesaw, GA

"Drew's one man show of the book of Galatians was much more than we expected.  We knew we'd be impressed by a  complete recitation of Galatians, but we did not expect to see the truths of this amazing book come so alive through the thoughtful way in which Drew performed it.  Because he so vividly incarnated the words, those who attended were able to see the book in new and meaningful ways.  Absolutely fantastic work from a dear brother! "

- Rev. Craig Bailey, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church - Charleston, SC

“We recently had Drew present the last five chapters of Mark in one of our worship gatherings.  It was awesome in the Biblical sense of the word. The scripture presented with Drew’s presence and expertise was a powerful experience for our community.” 

- Rev. Trent McEntyre, Pastor/Church Planter, Dunwoody Presbyterian Church - Dunwoody, GA 

“Drew did an outstanding job presenting the Scripture with dramatic form. It was a great addition to our worship service. I’d highly recommend his ministry.”

- Rev. Tim Locke, Senior Pastor, East Cobb Presbyterian Church - Marietta, GA